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Its so funnny how someone can just type a word into google search bar and we get our asnwer in seconds.
The coolest apart about this is that you can virtually ask Google any thing at all, i mean anything and even if you dont get 100% correct response, you are sure of getting a response close to what you are searching for and this ranges from news to health information, medical advice, social networking, business ideas, marketing skills, educational institutions etc

Google has made life so easy interms of conducting research work and so many time consuming activities. I just wonder in the years with out google, how people tend to seat on a chair with many volumes of book, spending hours and looking for different concepts for different reasons, but now you can get millions of data on any query in seconds.
These days, when you ask someone a questionand the person can provide an answer to the question asked, you hear them say “Ask Google”. And that simply means you typing the word(s), sentence or question you wish to get information about in the google search bar and google performs its magic
So next time you have a question, a query or an information you need to get, all do need to do is “ASK GOOGLE”


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