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Weekend classes that would teach kids different programing skills and prepare  them better for the future.



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Programming for Kids


The world is really changing, you will agree with me that those things that are applicable in the past years are not applicable in this present age. History has it that people are literally begged to come and pick up some kind of employment and if you are lucky to get some kind of education, then you are made.

Fast forward to our present age where graduates litter every where without a paid job or working for peanuts. What could be the reason for this? Everyone is a graduate, even the woman that sells bread beside my house; they all have the same set of skills which are not marketable in our present age.What could be the solution to this?

Simply by acquiring marketable skills apart from the normal school education. Our kids are our future, if we don’t act fast on how to secure their future, most of them might end up in the same rat race we found ourselves. is organising a programming bootcamp for kids starting in January, 2019. This bootcamp will enable kids to develop skills which will make them standout in the crowd, they would become inventors and not consumers. The things they would learn includes:

1. Html language

2. Css

3. Java

4. Python

5. Desktop application

6. Digital Marketing

7. Networking and lots more…

The world is going digital and the better you let your kids join the moving train, the faster they don’t get sidelined.

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Coming up Every Friday & Saturday, 2019.


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