China Lands a Space Rover Successfully on the far Side of the Moon

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China has successfully landed a robotic space rover on the far side of the moon for the first time ever. Although, china has been on the expedition for years, China has bee keeping the mission very quiet. The space raft was launched in early December, 2018.

Putting a space craft on the surface on the far side of the moon is one that come with grea challenges, this is a great achievement for the Chinese and this shouldnt be under-estimated. The space craft would be able to communicate with China from its landing quarters, the carft is related to be an intermediary between China and the moon.

Although, some pictures been captured from this side of the moon shows that there is a lot of difference from this side of the moon and the other sides; unlike the near side of the moon that offers many flat areas to touch down on, the far side is mountainous and rugged.. Presently,the amount of information about this side of the moon is really limited, we look forward to more information from China space craft and from China.


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