How To Prevent You Phone From Theft

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How to prevent your Android phone from theft
Some weeks ago, i misplaced a new phone i just got after saving the money for a long time, i have wanted the phone for long and i paid the price by going hungry for weeks. Unfirtunately for me, i was not able to enjoy the for a month. All effort to recover the phone through my hacker friends proved abortive.
But what i learnt in the process which i want to share with you is that there are many apps that need to be pre-installed on the phone before you might end up loosing the phone finally.

Actually there are many ways to recover a stolen phone even without these apps listed if you really know you way around, but for those you are not techie-crazie, you might need to take the pre-cautions.

1. Find My Device

2. Seekdroid: Find my phone

3. Gadgettrak

4. Where is my droid

5. AVG Anti Theft

All these apps are available in you ggogle play store. You will only need to provide your google account (gmail) to be able to download these apps.


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