LG Launches a Rollable TV – OLED TV R

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The South Korean electronics giant has released a rollable TV, the name is OLED TV R and the “R” in the name means Rollable.

This TV can be rolled into its box when not in use and when you want to watch the TV, you press the power on to make the TV roll out from its box….Cool right??? The OLED TV R is now in consumer ready display mode, that is it will be available for consumers to use soonest, but they have not annouce a price for the Television.

“It has the same attributes as a fixed OLED model meaning that it can portray perfect blacks,” says Tim Alessi, head of Product marketing LG US

“Every single pixel is individually addressable. So you get a beautiful picture, no light bleed, vivid colors, fully HDR compatible. All that can be retracted into that box.”

The TV, according to LG would be able to handle in and out rolling of about 50,000 times.

According to LG, the screen should be able to handle being rolled in and out about 50,000 times.

Nicole Scott, the editor of Mobile Geeks Technology news website stated “if you are planning on buying a television that will last for a decade or more, then 8K might be useful. One of the only reasons I think that consumers should look at 8K TVs is that you keep your TV for a really long time. So if you need to pick up a TV this year, and you want to keep it for five to ten years, you’ll want the 8K feature when there is finally 8K content in a couple of years,”


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