Technology; A Threat to Human Jobs

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The future of Artificial intelligence in our world is very bright. While the entire field in machine learning and artificial intelligence has not been adequately explored especially in less developing countries.

A closer look at the technology industry will reveal so many innovations and inventions that acts as a threat to the human jobs. .

An example is the banking sector where you can transact all banking needs from the comfort of your home without visiting the banking premises. People can make payment, receive cash from the ATM machine,order for things online and so on. But what will happen to the jobs of those folks who used to be in-charge of all these activities?? 

What of online stores, what we use to have is a place called market where people meet together to transact different business activities. But now, what do we have??? Online super stores where you can order for things from the comfort of your home?? What about the chain reaction of this? Like the effect on other market stores owners who have their business in those market places, the rent paid to the landlords and shop owners,the spending abilities of the landlord and the market salers? 

We cant deny the fact that technology is indeed a great breakthrough in the lives of human, but do we even consider the effects on the human jobs in the future??
Many people will be rendered jobless in the nearest future as what 10 people can do, with programming and robots, they might just need 3 people or even less to manage the machine.


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